A nasty Farm

Save them all.


You have to save the chicks locked in boxes that have been trapped by the evil Doctor Mazi. They fall into the machine that destroys the boxes, and a terrible fate awaits them. Unfortunately, you have limited time to collect enough chicks ... what are you waiting for, hurry up.


You have extra boxes with special add-ons.

  • gold: Unlock extras.
  • egg: The unborn chick gives time.
  • Glove: Gives strength to smash chests.
  • Barabbas: So original that they improve speed.

it's not everything...

When the machine breaks down and time is on your side, quickly run outside to catch the chicks before they hit the ground, they are small and vulnerable. We let them get hurt? Use our elegant wicker basket to catch them ... good luck.

There is one more element of the game that will make you the best... but you must discover it.


Unreal Engine